Perma Jack Services

Besides our expertise in stabilizing foundations, we offer many other services to help you maintain the performance of your building foundation

  • Steel Pier: To stabilize foundation movement
  • Epoxy Injection: To repair and reinforce cracked concrete
  • Soil Borings: To determine the soil conditions under your slab
  • USGS Driven Benchmark Monuments: Used for monitoring elevations from a fixed point
  • Tunneling & Plumbing Services: To repair broken sewer and water lines under the slab
  • Concrete Flatwork Raising: For the leveling of driveways, sidewalks & Patios
  • O.C.E Surveys of newly constructed slabs
  • New Construction Support Piers: Piering of foundations before they are built
  • Limited access excavations on both interior & exterior areas
  • Concrete Coring
  • Drainage Systems
Home owner finds problem & calls us.
We inspect, survey & determine the source of the problem.
Present cost and fix the problem.
Problem solved, happy customer!
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