How the Perma Jack System Works

Perma Jack is a patented, time proven system designed to provide a strong & stable reinforcement for your homes foundation. Our method gives you peace of mind while providing a sure-footed hold for shifting slabs.

Step 1
An opening is made adjacent to the foundation and enough soil is removed to reach the bottom of the support beam. The excavated soils are placed on plastic to protect the yard. Any beam irregularities are removed to fit the patented "L-shaped" bracket under the foundation. The frictionless end, pipe and sleeves are then set and alined in the bracket to form a pile. The hydraulic equipment is attached to the bracket. The diagram to the left gives an idea of what this process looks like.

Step 2
Hydraulic pressure is applied to push the pile deep into the ground. The lead frictionless end piece cuts through the soil and anything non-load bearing. As each piece is advanced into the ground another connecting sleeve and section of pipe is added. This process continues until the pier is driven to bedrock or equal load bearing strata to a capacity of 30,000 pounds of load per pier – yet the hydraulic equipment operates at a maximum of 75 decibels.

Step 3
To assure competency of each pier, a test load of 30,000 pounds of load is applied to each individual pier for 30 minutes using the weight of the structure to verify we are on a solid layer. After the piers are installed and tested, we set up the patented lift equipment and raise the foundation back to it's original position. Each pier is then locked into service. The lift equipment is then removed.

Step 4
All of the excavations are backfilled and compacted in place, the work area is cleaned up and restored to its original condition. In general, the average pier depth range from 20 to 30 feet, but in some locations, Perma Jacks have been driven to 125 feet depending upon soil conditions.

Learn about the Perma Jack system here.

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